"As a student of McHugh Jiu Jitsu, I seek to develop TRUE CONFIDENCE through: knowledge in the mind, strength in the body, & a non-quitting spirit!"

Student Creed

"Confidence. Community. Achievement.
It's no secret that a child's ability to experience achievement early on will dictate his or her success throughout life. Like anything else, success is a skill! Our Kids' Jiu Jitsu Program is built around this concept.
In Jiu Jitsu there is no smart, or not, there is simply different. Everyone learns at different rates, and expresses their knowledge differently. BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) allows kids to learn and grow at their own pace. There is no standardized testing, and they're being measured not against their peers but against their own potential.
Any kid who steps on the mat is gifted, and the magic of Jiu Jitsu is that it allows those gifts to be revealed.
What's great about Jiu Jitsu is that there are no dangerous punches and kicks; it's a martial art based on grappling and control. That means it's not only incredibly effective for kids of all sizes and abilities, but it's age-appropriate. Our students aren't taught to inflict violence on other kids.
We truly believe Jiu Jitsu is the ultimate tool for developing a child's confidence and character, because we've seen it happen countless times. It works!"
-Professor Peter McHugh

Our world class instructors are experts at teaching kids to set and achieve goals, build leadership skills, and develop age-appropriate, safe, & EFFECTIVE self-defense skills. We're among the best at what we do!

Our Starter Program includes:

30 Days of UNLIMITED classes, a semi-private intro lesson, and a FREE Jiu Jitsu Gi... for just $89!

How it Works:


Click the link below and register for our 30 Day Starter Program


A McHugh BJJ staff member will reach out and schedule your first lesson

First Class!

Your child will be fitted for a uniform, introduced to classmates, and taken through a safe, fun, and beginner-friendly Jiu Jitsu lesson!

No contracts, no high-pressure sales, no strings attached. Just world-class Jiu Jitsu in a safe, structured, and FUN environment

Check out what parents are saying about McHugh BJJ!

"The children's program has really helped both my kids gain a lot of focus and confidence in and out of the academy!"


"Awesomeness! Love Pete & his staff. He's great for kids & adults too. My daughter loves him. :-)"

Lia A

My kids and I absolutely love this place. Give it a shot and like me I'm confident that you will see that the benefits of being a part of the McHugh BJJ community extend far beyond exercise and self defense.

Alan K.

"If you love the idea of getting fit and living a healthy life-style in a supportive, inspiring, and family friendly environment, then you are going to love Mchugh Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Prof Pete McHugh and his assistant teachers are great!"

Peter L

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